Old News Updates

6.1.2015 - Our new and updated Maintenance App is launching!

Our new Maintenance App is finally ready to be released! This is exciting news for everyone who is currently using the application and for anyone new to it. The updated version now includes hard drive monitoring directly to your email, as well as ours. This new feature will help keep your computer healthy and it will warn you before a catastrophic failure. One of the most expensive and time consuming repairs for any computer is a failed hard drive. Too often we overlook the warning signs and rarely do our best practice backup habits hold true. How many critical documents have you lost to a hard drive failure? How much downtime has your business suffered from a bad hard drive? All of this preventable. With our new Maintenance App you'll be notified at the very first sign of trouble. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

4.15.2015 - Our office hours are changing

Beginning 5.15.15 we will be changing our office hours to "by-appointment-only." We have been so greatful for all of our walk-in customers but in order for us to grow we need to focus solely on our business customers. We do intend to reopen our doors to the public at some time in the future. Until then we will take in the occasional repair by appointment with the understanding that our business customers do have priority. If you need a repair please contact us with our support ticket system and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

1.1.2015 - Focusing on a new level of service

We're starting the new year off with a bang! If you've been to our office lately I'm sure you've noticed some changes! We are removing most of our local inventory and aligning with a larger company to provide you with all the bits and pieces you need with free next day shipping! We'll still keep the necessities on hand for repairs but our regular retail show room will be removed.
Yes we do know that having it today is better than waiting until tomorrow, but as most of our customers agree we are primarily a service based company. It's time to come back to our roots a bit. We will be adding more workspace and this year we will start providing more services to more customers. With these changes we will be able to provide an even high level of service to you, our customers.